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PP Secondary: Fenrir Sinclair by Toramiyo PP Secondary: Fenrir Sinclair by Toramiyo

Fenrir Vincent Sinclair




5'5" (still growing)

Bisexual (though will claim het)

Druid by nature, now becoming a somewhat infamous architect and building contractor among the common folk. Occasionally he's seen doing odd jobs and acrobatics for money or favors.

Resides in CYDONIA, though is originally from ELPIS,

Flash Fire

• Bite
• Fire Fang
• Flare Blitz
•Close Combat

• Whiskey/alcohol
• Physical contact (WHEN HE KNOWS YOU)
• Kisses
• Apples
• Playing around like a pup
• Flirting and teasing others
• Causing mischief

• Liars, Rain, Ghosts, Sour things
• Physical contact (if he doesn't know you)
• Being accused of something he did not do
• Swimming (he actually doesn't know HOW to swim..)
• Getting someone mad/angry
• When Sparrow eats his money or steals
• When people are ungrateful or undeserving of something

Fenrir is a very straightforward, impulsive person who is not afraid to show others exactly how he is feeling.

He thoroughly speaks his mind and it is not hard to know what he's thinking or how he is feeling as he will most likely show/tell you in some form or manner within the following minute or so. He's generally a cheerful person, though he seems to be extremely childlike, emotions changing at a fairly quick and unwarranted pace, and is prone to temper-tantrums. Some find his behavior distasteful at times, calling him brash or brazen, though others see it as honest and self righteous.

He's very much like a stray dog and is wary and defensive with strangers, but once you're introduced and gain his trust, he's very loyal and quite overly affectionate. Once he opens up to you, he's shown to be quite sweet and playful, constantly causing trouble with rather harmless tricks to draw your attention.

He had a rather dark and harsh childhood, and his words can seem callous, but things he says generally have good intentions behind it. He can be viciously defensive of his friends and person, and while hesitant to fight, once pushed into a corner with no escape, he wont be hesitant to kill.

He's patient, but there are few things that will instantly snap his temper.

his most prominent memory is When was very young He once went exploring the attic in the late evening, trying to find a proper present to give to his mother for her birthday. Tired, and fairly dusty from searching, he finally decided on an antique rocking chair he found under a stack of books a few hours later, and decided he would have someone help him bring it down after a quick rest. The books had been heavy for a young child to move and the worn out child soon fell asleep.

Fenrir awoke much later to the startling howls of Houndoom and Houndour, eyes and throat burning, choking on thick black smoke. the disoriented child could not see his surroundings, save for the glowing cracks in the hot floorboards. It was not long after trying to stumble his way around the hot attic, the small child managed to make his way to the staircase, only to find it blazing, a burning timber from a smallport beam collapsing on top of him.

Just as he nearly succumbed to the smoke, his savior coming in the form of the smoldering growlithe. It's smaller size had given it the advantage as it weaved through the collapsing building to find its little master. using its body as leverage, the growlithe managed to move the beam enough to let Fenrir loose, but at the cost of being pinned himself.

Fenrir does not know what happened afterwards, smoke inhalation causing him to pass out, but does know that the growlithe was nowhere to be found in the ruins, and Fen was relatively unharmed save for his arm which was used to block the fallen beam. Dragon Knights had been called in to investigate the fire and found Fen in the black and ashen skeleton house, then sporting a new set of ears and a fluffy tail.

Dragon knights reported bodies in the fire, yet could find no correlation to the Houndoom howls reported by the young boy.


Fen currently lives between many households of his friends, and is seen quite a bit at the Iron Maiden, though he is currently building his own home in Cydonia.

Common Haunts: Erin Luciano (dragon knight) and Vitalis Diterle's home, Alcie's home, Iron Maiden, Ranger/Druid bases, Persephoneia's Capitol Castle (to visit Briar)

• Fen grew up dirt poor. he's done everything from whoring himself out and pretending to be someone's pet at some of his lower points, and has eaten with pokemon in the stables. it wasnt until a few months ago did he come into money
•He's a rich bitch. he's inherited a large amount of money and land from his adopted Chevalier brother's recent disappearance. Recently, Heureka, a former dragon knight that moved to Perse gave him some of her own land. He rents out properties in four different kingdoms managed by the churches his land rests near.
• Sparrow, his chingling, likes to eat money, jewelry, and anything shiny and metallic. Sparrow is the reason Fenrir cannot have nice things.
• When he is startled, scared, nervous, or generally emotionally messed up over something, Fenrir has a habit of grabbing his tail (or sparrow) and petting it, or nervously picking at out of place strands. It's somewhat of a security blanket to him.
• Fenrir has a good grasp of writing, reading, and arithmatic. He can also read music sheets.
• The black dog collar around his neck was given to him as a joke by a dragon knight when he stalked a group of them for nearly three weeks, praising how awesome they were. he treasures it very much. He uses the collar to hide the light scars on his throat.
• From his elbow to his pinky, Fenrir is left with a fairly extensive burn scar from the fire, having tried to lift the rafter away from him. He is self conscious about it and bandages it.
• Fen was a high functioning autistic with low verbal-motor function before his merge. He's also Dyslexic.

[[The burn scar became Hypertrophic and disfigures him. considering its been nearly 10 years and it hasnt properly healed, Fen thinks its diseased in some manner, while others may mistake it for Leprosy, so he takes care to hide it]]




Unknown. though judged by its stupidity, it's young.

Pet/being obnoxious

• Slamming its face into hard objects to make itself ring louder
• Shiny things
• Eating metal objects
• Being loud and noisy

• Being quiet
• Sticky things

Stupid. very, very stupid. However, he seems to be very happy.

Seems it isnt as stupid as first thought. the chingling is trainable and acts as Fen's mental stabilizer. it helps calm Fenrir down when he has anxiety attacks and focuses him. It also watches Fen's mood's carefully and tries to alert others when he's having an attack. almost like a therapy animal.

It also enjoys shiny objects, and has learned to steal more valuable objects. He is very dense and overall is decently content with its life.

Was found slamming into a rock by the side of the road. Fenrir attempted to move him, thinking maybe the rock was in the chinglings path, but the stupid thing hopped right back to the rock to continue its happy ringing. Not wanting to leave the pathetic thing alone, Fenrir took it with him, and it continues to be one of the most horrible decisions he ever made.

• Will occasionally drop money if shaken violently
•When completely filled to the brim with change and trinkets, will go off and find a place to spit out his treasures and hides it.
• Does not like to levitate much, instead choosing to jump across the floor to make itself ring as it moves
• Likes to headbutt people in the face, normally giving them minor concussions. It's like it's standard "hello!" and probably only does this to show others it can make noise.
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